Being A Model Mover

Essential Tools and Equipment You Should Have on Hand for Your Next Big Move

Packing and moving all of your possessions is a challenging job that demands a lot of preparation. Part of the preparation includes having the right tools and equipment available beforehand; otherwise, you will find the process difficult, slow, and maybe even dangerous. Below is a list of essential tools and equipment that you should have on hand as well as a few recommended items that aren't necessarily required but will make the task easier.

Tool kit

The moving process involves the dismantling of furniture, appliances, and other items. Dismantling isn't necessary for every object, but it certainly makes moving some things a lot easier. In other situations, you won't be able to get certain possessions out of your house without taking them apart to some degree. Here are several tools that should be on your list.

Cordless drill with extra battery pack - A drill will make the tedious task of removing bolts and screws much faster. Just be sure to keep an assortment of screwdriver bits in Phillips and regular sizes on hand.

Screwdrivers - Some screws simply need to be removed the old-fashioned way, so have both Phillips and regular screwdrivers available if needed.

Claw hammer - This multi-purpose tool can remove nails from walls, among many other tasks.

Adjustable wrench - For removing bolts and nuts used to hold together furniture or other objects, it is vital to have a wrench in the correct size available. An adjustable wrench eliminates the need to have multiple sizes in your possession.

Hex key set - Lots of furniture and rugged fixtures are held together with hex bolts. A hex key set in both metric and standard sizes makes it possible to remove these specialized fasteners.

Utility knife with extra blades - Good for cutting just about anything, including boxes, tape, and rope, utility knives are workhorses that will see a lot of use during a move. Be sure to have a few extra blades handy, though, as they dull quickly, and it can be frustrating to work with a dull blade. 

Hand truck

Sometimes improperly called a dolly, a hand truck has two bottom wheels and a handle at the top that allows you to maneuver cumbersome objects with ease. It operates as a lever that can provide significant mechanical advantage to the user. Hand trucks can be purchased without straps or with straps that can help hold oversized objects in place on the truck. In addition, some hand trucks are equipped to be convertible, which permits them to serve as dollies, too.

Furniture dolly

A furniture dolly consists of at least four wheels or casters mounted to a flat base. It is designed to transport a variety of heavy or large objects that cannot be easily loaded on a hand truck. Having two dollies is especially helpful when moving long pieces, such as sofas or dressers, so try to purchase more than one to have on hand.

Lifting straps

These simple straps provide an enormous mechanical advantage by shifting the weight of a load from the hands to the remainder of the body. They are inexpensive and easy to use for two persons. However, be sure to read the instructions for use, as they will explain how to properly use the straps and prevent possible injuries due to misuse.

Moving blankets

You will need to use something to place between and around objects to protect them from damage during the move, and moving blankets fit the bill nicely. These padded quilts are versatile in how they can be used; for example, they can be wrapped around photo frames and fastened securely with a short piece of rope. Of course, you can always use your own linens and bedding for this purpose, but keep in mind that you risk damaging them as a consequence.

Stair rollers

Another helpful moving aid that you may have never heard of is a stair roller. These steel rollers rest on stair steps and allow you to pass objects down the stairs in the same way a conveyor operates. This can speed up the work of moving big objects down stairs and help prevent damaging both the object and flooring as a result. You will need to use more than one stair roller in most circumstances, so be prepared to purchase or rent several.

Purchase these items or rent them from a local moving company to make your move easier.