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3 Reasons To Rent A Storage Unit Before Getting A Roommate

Getting a roommate can be a great way to cut down on your living expenses, but before you post an ad or ask a friend to move in, you might want to consider renting a storage unit. Personal storage spaces can be a great option for apartment dwellers with roommates, and here are just some of the many reasons why.

1. Make Room For Furniture

In some cases, your roommate may have his or her own furniture to move in. That means two sofas, two kitchen tables, and maybe even two of everything. Renting a storage unit means you can keep the apartment furnished without fitting two of everything inside. Talk to your future roommate in advance to see which items you want to keep in the apartment and which ones he or she can't bear to be without. Once you've determined which items are going, you can transfer them to your storage space.

2. Keep Personal Items Secure

While everyone wants to believe their roommates are trustworthy, issues can happen. Whether it's a disgruntled ex taking items he or she thought belonged to you or a simple case of your roommate accidentally breaking a precious belonging, you may want to take some steps to secure your personal and valuable items. Keeping your prized trophies from high school, family photo albums, and keepsake jewelry in a storage unit can help ensure they don't become lost, stolen, or broken after your roommate moves in.

3. Declutter

Even if you decide on what to do with both sets of furniture, you may discover you simply have too much stuff. Decluttering to make space for your roommate is a polite thing to do, and it can help keep the apartment more organized. Go through hall and linen closets to clear out shelves he or she can use and create space in kitchen cabinets for your new roommate's pots, pans, and dishes. By going through your items, you might also find that there are some items you no longer need. Donate those items to charity or sell them, and take the rest of the items you don't use every day to your self-storage unit.

Be sure to rent a unit for the same length of time your roommate has on the lease. You don't want your storage lease to end before your roommate moves out, as this will mean having to move everything back in while his or her belongings are still in the home.

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